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About our Online Data Processing Register

Many organisations are currently documenting their data processes on the basis of Excel-templates that have been published by Data Protection Authorities as “guidance”. In our experience, this poses a wide variety of issues:

  1. Microsoft Excel is not an “input” tool for documenting complex processes.
  2. Guidance provided by Data Protection Authorities is not user-friendly.
  3. Without proper guidance, users have difficulties in bringing to mind all data processes they have to document.
  4. Different Data Protection Authorities are making available different types of Excel templates. So far for a “uniform” approach.
  5. There is a risk that, shortly after May 25, 2018, an Excel-based data processing register will be out of data, as processes and technology are subject to change.
  6. Without appointing a responsible (team) for managing this data processing register, the risk of non-compliance with this reporting obligation is clear.

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What do we propose?

  • an on line, Software-as-a-Service based data processing register with full versioning control – no “static” Excel-sheets in different versions
  • allowing you to document your data processing activities on the basis of 100+ pre-defined processes, covering the vast majority of processes within an organisation
  • hosted on European infrastructure (Belgium and Germany);
  • password / login protected, SSL communication and optional encryption of submissions – way more safe and secure than Excel sheets that can be easily spread around
  • all your information in one place
  • allowing you to export all submissions in Excel at any point in time
  • easy querying of submissions made
  • a tool that allows you to review, correct or complete submissions made by colleagues
  • update reminders to users
  • user notifications when the terms and conditions and privacy policies of the technology platforms they are using change, which could have an impact on the data submitted
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